Kyle B. Wilson

09/02/1991 – 10/28/2008

Words to Describe Kyle

Selfless. Exciting. Durable. Devoted. Unique. Happy. Funny. Energetic. Fighter. Believer. He would do anything for us. Outgoing. Polite. Loving. Hardworking. A huge jokester, but sincere when he had to be. A friend-A true Viking. Vibrant-Trustworthy. Joyful-Passionate. “Young swirv, I really run the Burgh”. He was the man. A pleasure to be around. Charismatic. Freespirited. Zealous. Likeable. Caring. Confident. Respectful. and always said hello.

Kyle was an EXTRA-ordinary young man

He could light up a room with his smile, his spark of life ignited energy in others and he was loved by all.

The words above only begin to describe the charisma, character and love that represented who Kyle was.

Kyle was a well rounded young man who attended Sewickley Academy from kindergarten through 8th grade. While attending the Academy he played basketball and participated in school plays. At the start of his freshman year Kyle transferred to Pittsburgh’s Central Catholic, where his hard work and dedication lead him to become the starting running back for the Vikings.

At the tender age of 17 on October 28, 2008, when Kyle was really hitting his life’s stride, Kyle departed this life and went on to be with God. As much as we want Kyle to be here with us, God had a better plan for him.